Plan A IT Pty Ltd will help you migrate to the cloud.

Migrating to the Cloud instantly eliminates any business risks associated with on-premise, servers, hardware failures, internet outages or power interruptions. These types of problems happen randomly and typically cause extended downtime or even worse, data corruption or loss.

Cloud platforms are built to be always on with enterprise grade equipment. our Cloud boast a 999.99% Uptime.


Plan A IT Pty Ltd will help you protect your business.

In 2016 we have seen a complete arsenal of Cyber attacks all designed to Steal or Disrupt your access to data. These attacks ranged from crypto lockers, all the way through to large scale attacks that took down the ABS on Census night in 2016.

The risks are real and it maybe only a matter of time before your business is under attack.

How confident are you with your current data security polices?


Plan A IT Pty Ltd will support your business.

Providing professional prompt service is what we do. Our engineers and consultants are all industry leaders in their respective fields.
We believe in providing high quality solutions with  comprehensive support.

Our managed-services customers have access to a fully managed Helpdesk focused on providing top quality support with 90% of tickets closed in the first response.

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Plan A IT Pty Ltd Launches new BroadBand Services

Tired of waiting for NBN? Seen a lot of complaints about the quality of NBN? You may be able to get our new Fixed Radio (BroadBand Now) internet services.

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Largest ever Ransom-Ware attack

At the time of this writing it is estimated that more than 200,000 computers have been affected by this latest attack.

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